Hello I am Elaine,

Welcome to elaine.solutions.  You may have been redirected from
http://www.elaine-copeland.com.  It’s a time of great change in my professional life.

The changes to this site and to my name signify a change in my work.  This site is focused on complementary health.  Supporting people to achieve health and wellness.

I have been a complementary health therapist for many years and continue to serve my existing clients with their general health, offering allergy identification and desensitisation; support with nutrition and a range of physical issues. It may be that one of my clients has directed you here.  I want to honour my existing clients’ loyalty and referrals and so this site will stay for the immediate future.

Over the last couple of years, I have been focusing on using kinesiology to assist people with mental and emotional issues and supporting them to perform better either both their personal and professional lives.   In the not too distant future, I will be completing a study course which will enable me to offer Personal Branding.  If you are interested in this area of my work you can find out more at elaineflook.com.

I have an individual approach to my clients and will assist you to identify where you are, clarify what needs to change and assist you to achieve your best outcome in a way which works for you.

Have a look around the site.  If you don’t see your particular issue here, then please email me on the contact page or phone for a chat.   I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Elaine- Wellbeing Consultant

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