Why hypertension increases diabetics’ eye damage: a new study

Hypertension frequently coexists in patients with diabetes. A new University of Georgia study shows why the co-morbid conditions can result in impaired vision.

”… Early intervention is a key factor in improving the outcome for patients.   “Health care providers, including pharmacists, should stress the importance of the tight control of blood sugar and blood pressure levels for their patients,” El-Remessy said. “Providing patient education and counseling on how each of these metabolic problems independently can have accelerated devastating effects is critical and can result in better prevention and outcomes for the patients.”…”

So in the spirit of El-Remessy’s recommendation – this is me stressing importance of prevention.   Prevention is the key – it always has been.  It is much easier to prevent a health issue than to recover once it has taken hold.  It’s common sense – do you repair a crack in your living room wall by filling it in or wait until all the plaster falls off and replastering the whole wall or even wait until it falls down?  The answer is obvious when it comes to material things but most people do not treat their health in the same way.

We are now living a lifestyle which means that vast majority of children born today, who do not change their lifestyle, will be diabetic by the age of 30 and a large proportion of them will lose their sight!  This is preventable.  Basic things can prevent this – eating your five portions of vegetables and fruits every day, drinking 6-8 glasses of water, managing your weight.  It isn’t rocket science – it really isn’t.  Sometimes we can get so caught up in the complexities of life that we forget really basic stuff.

You are what you eat – this is a cliche but it is also true.

There is so much we can do with good nutrition and there are many, many fantastic, high quality supplements on the market now which can add to a depleted diet or focus on particular problems – Lutein, a common carotenoid found in many vegetables and fruits can help protect the retina.  Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin are other carotenoids that are important to the health of the macular (area of the retina)

The quoted report outlines the effects of high blood pressure in diabetics.  By drinking enough water, many people can bring their blood pressure back to normal.  I have seen this many, many times in my practice.  Many of my clients have come off blood pressure medication through doing this.  Of course if your blood pressure is dangerously high, you must get this under control before considering reducing your medication and always reduce any medication in consultation with your doctor.

The other factor, of course, is reducing the level of carbohydrate in the diet, especially refined sugars.  The craving for sweet foods in itself is sometimes an issue for people and impedes them in getting their sugar intake under control – in my experience there are many possible factors for this – emotional, physical and mental.  Once the cycle of sugar intake/raised insulin levels/sudden drop in insulin levels/sweet food to compensate  is in place it can be very hard to break – but not impossible.

If you would like help with any of these areas, or just some advice, drop me a line.  I’m happy to help.

In summary: Drink enough water

Reduce sugar intake (refined sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol)

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day

Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins and minerals

Read whole article.

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