Simple protection from colds and flu

Although it’s not officially Winter yet (December 21st and the Winter Solstice is the official start of Winter apparently) – remember immune support is really important at this time of year especially with the winter vomitting bug around, but mostly to avoid colds and flu.
Vitamin C  is a great anti-oxidant – it fights free radicals.  Zinc also fights free radicals and helps immune cells reproduce.  Vitamin D (especially needed at this time of year) strengthens the immune cells.  You can get vitamins from food of course but at this time of year you would have to eat a great deal of oranges for instance to get enough Vitamin C for adequate protection.  We make Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight – that’s sunlight not sunshine – being outdoors with hands and face exposed for around 20 minutes every day will top up your vitamin D reserves but at this time of year most people are inside with the heating turned up or toasting marsh mallows on an open fire – or is that just my romatic side coming out :-)).  You can also top up your Vitamin D from egg yolks but again you need much more than that.
// supplementation is a great idea at this time of the year.  I recommend Immublend – it has protected me when I have been exposed to sneezing and wheezing people on the train and when sitting at a conference.  I don’t leave home without taking it in the Winter months.
You can also support your immune system by making your own Rosehip Syrup – it’s not too late – you can still find hips in the hedgerows.  Some people have asked me about the sugar content of the syrup – sugar being an anti-immune substance.  Well I don’t have an answer for that.  Maybe the Vitamin C content cancels out the negative impact of the sugar.  All I know is that it seems to work.

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