Lots of things happen when you don’t drink water – and none of them are good!

Most people drink water when then get a dry mouth because we tend to associate a dry mouth with thirst but did you know that by the time you get a dry mouth your body is in an advanced stage of dehydration?

The human body is about 25 per cent solid matter and 75 per cent water.  Brain tissue is said to consist of about 85 per cent water.  Every function in the body is dependent on us being hydrated and our body monitors its own system so that one part does not receive more than its predetermined share. The brain takes priority of course.  The brain is about 2 per cent of the total body weight, but it receives around 20 per cent of blood circulation and so when you are dehydrated your body’s system will ensure that the brain gets the water it needs but of course that may mean that other organs in your body will be under functioning with resultant problems.  Over time this can create serious problems.

Some of the early signs of dehydration are lack of concentration, poor balance, slow reactions, headache, dry skin and dry eyes so these are good things to remind you to drink water – drinking a cup of tea or fruit juice won’t help much either.  These drinks contain water but they also contain dehydrating agents which means they work against what you are trying to achieve in the first place.  Good old fashioned, plain water is what is needed.  Of course, we don’t have plain water in our body, we have saline.  When you have to be hydrated, say whilst in hospital, you will be put on a saline drip.  In our general lives, we get salt from our diet so plain water will do the trick.

How much should you drink? There are all kinds of calculations which give the exact amount based on your body weight but as a general rule you should be drinking about eight glasses a day, or about one and a half litres.  Remember that any water you drink whilst you are working manually or exercising is used at the time so it doesn’t count in your daily calculation.

When you start drinking the optimal amount of water you will find that you will just feel better, this is because your body will be functioning more efficiently.  After a while you will begin to recognise when you need water – before the dry mouth stage!  Initially, I have found that many clients come back to me and say “I have been drinking more water and I had a constantly dry mouth!”.  This often happens because they have raised their awareness.  They probably had a dry mouth more often anyway but just didn’t notice it. This all settles down after a while.

One of the main reasons people tell me they don’t want to drink ‘a lot’ of water is because then they will need to go to the loo.  There seems to be some worry that they won’t be able to find one in time!  My answer is that yes you will go to the loo more – that is the wonderful thing about the body – with the correct stimulus it responds beautifully!  Think of all the toxins you are flushing out of the body – literally!  Just as it might be a challenge to drink more, its a challenge to remember to go to the loo before you leave a building – just develop the habit.

In the long term you will benefit enormously from drinking more water – try it for a week or a month and see how you feel.

I saw this posted on Facebook recently which is what prompted by post. 

One thought on “Lots of things happen when you don’t drink water – and none of them are good!

  • Thank you darling Elaine about the article on water! Perfectly timed! Making myself a hot water now! You know I prefer it hot rather than cold lol!


    Em xxx

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