Helping people is a joy – helping children is a passion!

I’m looking forward to another day at the Practice – my last client yesterday evening was a seven year old girl who had been waking with quite severe stomach aches every morning for quite a few months.

I worked with her mother as a surrogate until she felt comfortable with me and I had won her trust. I am always mindful that sometimes children who come to see me have been examined quite a lot and have had quite a few experiences of medical environments and I want them to have a good experience with me.  My wish is that they feel safe, comfortable and respected.

The last but one session, this little girl exclaimed that she was getting up on the couch this time! How wonderful, I always feel so honoured that a child will trust me and I work hard to respect that trust and build a good relationship with them.

Once children and I get to work, we have fun with kinesiology and I love it when they giggle in response to their body showing me, through muscle testing, what it is they need.

After only four sessions, this little girl is now waking up without stomach aches and is happy.  I did ‘energy work’ and it has required some dietary changes but I find that most children are really open to changing their diet if they get the benefit of a reduction of discomfort – they really get it!

I love knowing that she woke up this morning without a stomach ache and bounced into school, happy and smiling.

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