You Look Disgusting

I saw this beautiful woman, Em Ford, on BBC News this morning.  She was interviewed about her video ‘ You Look Disgusting’.  I was shocked by what I was hearing, although, sadly, bullying on social media is something I hear about more and more.  Em Ford is raising awareness of the ease with which people are abusive to another via social media.  Bullying is presumably much easier behind the disguise of a username via a keyboard.

I recently posted images of myself without make up on my Facebook page and also on this website.  I was extremely fortunate that I received no abuse.  I can tell you though that the risk did cross my mind.  Being a mature woman and making myself vulnerable in that way was scarey but doing ‘the work’ I do on myself and with my clients, I know that ‘Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change’.

The experience for Em Ford, although, distressing, makes her stronger and I am filled with awe at her bravery and beauty in this endeavour.

Her video speaks for itself.

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