“Realistically speaking, it is therefore my opinion that the present situation is a final one.”


Friday is my day for an early morning networking meeting and then a day of catching up with marketing, accounts and phone calls before I sign off from work late afternoon for a piano lesson and the beginning of a well earned weekend.

Today I was clearing and archiving some client files.  I rotate my files and destroy them after a minimum of seven years if the client is no longer active or not coming to see me for maintenance treatments.  I was keeping the folders and putting the notes into a pile ready for shredding when a medical report fell out of one of the files onto the floor.  Curious, I started to read it and remembered seeing this client in my early years of practice in East Sussex, 2006 in fact.

He  had suffered a severe shoulder injury and after initial treatment, had endured several exploratory operations, x-rays and scans to identify the cause of chronic pain in his right arm, shoulder, neck and hand in addition to severe backache.   All tests had concluded the physiology was ‘normal’.   The report details the efforts to which my client had gone in seeking help and treatment over the previous three years:

Local anaesthetic had made no difference to the pain.  Heavy duty painkillers had no effect.   Nerves were reported as being ‘normal’.  TENS machines and acupuncture all seemed to increase the symptoms.  Nerve block injections also temporarily increased the pain.  Pain was at the same level as the day the injury occurred.

My client had been unable to maintain a normal life and simple things such as lifting a tea cup or opening a door  were excrutiating. Touching the skin around the shoulder increased the pain considerably.

The report concludes “… whatever the extent of any neurological injury, further recovery of nerve function is unlikely in future – with or without treatment.  …  Many treatments have been tried – none of which have worked and some have actually increased his symptoms.  It is therefore difficult to recommend any new treatment that might result in any improvement in right arm function or pain relief. … “Realistically speaking, it is therefore my opinion that the present situation is a final one. … it is unlikely that [the] right upper limb will be any more useful that it has been in the last two and a half years.”

I had worked my hardest for this client, using energy work and recommending B12 supplementation and wondered whether I could effect a change in that first session – after all I was up against a medical report from a highly respected Consultant.

My client returned for a second appointment, telling me that he had been doing some gardening and hanging wallpaper!  He told me ‘I’ve been telling everyone about it and I’m amazed’.  I was also amazed to be honest and asked him to exercise some caution but he told me he felt completely fine and was considering going back to work.  I recommended that he come back for a follow up session in three months but he was adamant and said that he wouldn’t book it and would phone me if needed.  Four months later I called him and he told that he was still well and was back at work full time.  He told me that he had recommended me to many people, curiously I didn’t see anyone as a result of this.  Was it too hard to believe?

My reason for posting this, is not to say ‘Hey Kinesiology is fantastic come and see me’ or to knock orthodox medicine (for which I have the highest respect) but to highlight that sometimes, clients are given a quite emphatic, final diagnosis which results in a dead end for them.  This isn’t the first time a client has come to me like this, but it is the most dramatic change.

I don’t know,  as a Practitioner, how we achieve what we achieve sometimes. Complementary health is still in its infancy in the Western World – kinesiology, as I use it, has only been around since the 1960s.  I do know that we don’t know what we don’t know and, therefore, I always have hope that things can change for the better, that clients can recover, and together we can find a gateway that leads to a healthy, full and rewarding life.

It isn’t always possible, for so many reasons, so do I give people false hope?

Well it’s my belief that there is always hope and I tell my clients that.  At the end of the day it’s up to them if they wish to come with me and believe it too.  It’s their choice, who am to close the door on them?

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