It breaks my heart

Today as my young client left, she took the band off her hair and let a glorious mane of waves fall to her sun kissed shoulders.  I was struck by her beauty.

We have been working on her inner confidence and self-esteem over the last few weeks and in those weeks I have seen a different girl  Still very beautiful but not shining.

Today she shone.  I told her how I saw her as a beautiful young woman.  She told me I was making her blush.  Work for next time I logged in my mind.

After she had gone, I thought to myself “it just breaks my heart when I see beautiful young women and they don’t see themselves …… yet”

Sometimes we are give what we need to learn in seeing it in others and I remembered the negative self talk I need to drop.  A life’s work.  Sometimes progress is slow and painful but it is always worth it.  As are we.  We are all worth it.  We are all good enough.

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