Elaine is a consummate practitioner who has been working on herself and others for over 25 years. Combining her compassion and intuition with her commercial experience she has the rare ability to show humility whilst being robust enough to hold clients through very tough challenges both personally and in business.

Elaine Copeland by Andy Kerr Photography-4

As well as professional qualifications in Kinesiology, Counselling and ‘Liberating Touch’, she brings with her, 25 years experience in marketing and design management for London-based design agencies and held a senior position in a leading City financial institution.

Her approach is structured and real, combining her professional skills to assist clients with physical issues and to identify sub-conscious blocks and clear them with a fuller understanding of how the blocks occur, the behaviour they use to disguise their fear or lack of self-esteem and identifying strategies to enable movement into a more authentic way of being.

Our unconscious assumptions generate attitudes and actions that influence our lives in ways we may be completely unaware of. They often shape our choices of career, home, relationships, friends and lifestyle. By healing false assumptions and attitudes, we create whole new patterns of behaviour for ourselves; we open doors towards being who we really are, our authentic self, and within that is true freedom.

We all, in times of challenge, have self-doubt or lack of self-belief. When we are progressing and being creative we will never feel comfortable. If we are pushing forward we will always be out of our comfort zone. That is the place of creativity and innovation.

Elaine’s approach teaches an understanding of our individual and personal responses to being uncomfortable and shows us a way to deal with feeling uncertain and exposed without fighting those feelings in an attempt to appear good enough or even perfect.

One of the secrets of connecting with people and building good relationships is knowing and liking yourself. Elaine is passionate about self-development, she is curious about everything and likes exploration and discovery. She notices and appreciates the excellence of people in their everyday experience and enjoys sharing the exploration of clients and their successes.

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