Discovery Session – 30 minutes – Complementary

This is an initial session for us to get to know each other.

It’s important for us to have an initial, no obligation, conversation to get to know each other and for you to discuss what you would like from our time together.  I offer this as an opportunity for you to talk to me in a safe and confidential environment, to experience how I work and to discover what we can do to affect a positive change for you.

Individual Health & Wellbeing Session –  £60
Hourly sessions booked when needed.

These hourly sessions provide support when needed. You may want clarity on short-term issues or confirmation about a way forward.

They are also valuable for allergy testing and allergy de-sensitisation, nutritional or dietary advice.

On-going work  –  Six Sessions – £300
Hourly sessions booked in a block of six

Regular, individual sessions will create measurable change for you.  However, for deeper, transformational change in your health and wellbeing I recommend a focused, long-term commitment to your physical health and emotional wellbeing.


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