It’s an absolute joy to see my clients have a positive response to my work. When they take the time to write and tell me about their experience it is truly a gift. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experience and allowed me to publish it here, “to blow my own trumpet” as my Mum would say.

“When I first discussed arthritis and the pain in my hip, I was unable to get upstairs easily and generally felt really low.

After seeing Elaine for kinesiology sessions and taking aloe vera drinking gel regularly, I now find myself free of pain and can actually run up and down the stairs.

Overall, I have much more energy and feel like I have my oomph back.”

Val Rodbard, East Sussex

July 2018


“So back in December I reached out on Facebook and asked if anyone knew of anything that could help me with a dripping tap syndrome (mucus dripping down the back of my throat), which I’ve had for five years and tried all the sprays, tablets that are available. A lady contacted me that had had the same and had gone to Elaine and it had cleared so I thought why not keep an open mind and give it a go because the next stage for me was surgery as every few days I was getting sick from a mucus build-up.

I called Elaine and booked an appointment after a chat about any other medication I may be on and I told Elaine that I take 10 tablets of methotrexate for my arthritis which is the highest dose you can take. I also have blood tests every month to make sure my liver and kidneys are ok! Elaine suggested I take Aloe Vera to see if it would help, she also said if after 60 days I didn’t see any change I would be able to get my money back so what did I have to lose? So, I left my first appointment full of hope.

Here we are now in May and I’ve had in total six appointments with Elaine and I still can’t get my head around what she does, but my life has absolutely changed for the better.

I never said to Elaine that after the first visit I decided to try to cut my med’s down as they were very bad for me in the long term. My specialist did say to me that if I could try and reduce the methotrexate down that this would be beneficial to me.

So, my long struggle with my throat has now gone thanks to kinesiology and also pleased to say that I am completely off of the high dose of tablets (methotrexate) I was taking.

My life has completely changed for the better.

If anyone is reading this then keep an open mind and trust Elaine, and believe in yourself and good luck. I hope you have your life changed for the better!”
Amanda Brown, East Sussex
May 2018

“I saw Elaine and she has really helped me gain the confidence to handle situations I have avoided all my life. Which has lead me to take on a role I never saw myself doing. I can’t thank her enough and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs help and encouragement.”

Andy Tunstall, Rother Print

February 2018


“I cannot thank you enough.  After his last session [my son] was so happy and has been talking about his emotions and opening up at school.  His teacher keeps saying she’s never seen him like this.”
Beth, East Sussex
November 2017

“I feel so much better. I can’t believe how much you have helped me to be at ease, even to the point of being calm on an aeroplane.  Thank you, you’ve shown me the way, I feel a new empowerment and an injection of energy.”
Barbara C. East Sussex
October 2017

“After the last session where you helped me to reach a place where I could be open to new opportunities – a new opportunity presented itself!  I have met someone.  I really felt myself again after our sessions and was finally able to see what was in front of me all along and life is good again 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me reach this place.
SM, East Sussex
August 2017


Hindsight Testimonial

“When I went to see Elaine I was going because I [had] some food allergies but was unaware of which foods.

Elaine made me feel so at ease … when I came back I had felt a lot more confident and feel that I had released a lot of issues I had been carrying around with me for many years.  … I have removed [those] foods from my diet and I can actually say I have never felt better and have even lost some weight but mainly do not suffer from the stomach issues I was having.

Elaine has changed my life and I am totally in gratitude to her.
Paula Doyle, Hindsight Directory
July 2017

“I have been meaning to write for ages to thank you for all the help you gave my daughter, this was invaluable in helping her to cope with her dyslexia, her years at school and to get through her exams. Thanks for all your help and support.”
Debbie, East Sussex

“I saw Elaine about four years ago because I was suffering with depression and anxiety. I had seen various psychologists and had various treatments but it was not until I saw Elaine that I truly started to get better. She is magician. She has extraordinary healing powers and great wisdom. I credit her for fixing me. She did some kinesiology and taught me which foods to avoid, she treated me with Bach Flower Remedies and Counselling. I’ll always sing her praises, I’m so happy to have seen her.  Thank you Elaine.”
Lily Evans

“Elaine has a rare and special gift of really being able to see and hear non-judgmentally
and so truly connects with her clients. She works from a place of love and integrity
and has a whole host of tools and resources that she uses to support her clients whatever their issues. I have referred clients to Elaine, all of whom have been really helped and I know that when I am looking for support it is her I will turn to.
She is quite simply an amazing lady, a people’s person,
that enables people to change and rise above all sorts of challenges.”
Helen Prosper, Health & Wellness Consultant
Prosper with Synergy

“I recently suffered from eczema having had no previous experience of the condition.  I consulted Elaine Copeland, and as part of the treatment, she offered me Aloe Vera Drinking Gel to take twice a day.

Having taken three bottles of the product [over a two month period], the eczema completely healed.  I then stopped taking the gel thinking it had done its job. Unfortunately, after some months, the condition returned.  I am now taking Aloe Vera Drinking Gel once more and the eczema has, again, disappeared.  I will happily continue to drink the gel to ensure no future recurrence.

Thank you Elaine!”
Geoff Smith, Bexhill on Sea

“All I will say is you go in as one person and you come out and say
‘Yes I can cope and take on anything.’
You are superb!”
Lesley Roberts, Talk Marketing

“Dear Elaine,

This isn’t a testimonial for outstanding service …  this is a testimonial for an incredible service

“Since I was 12 years old I have suffered with really bad hay fever, I have never been able to have the windows open at night, and have had to take double the recommended does of anti-histamine tablets for as long as I can remember.  This all came to an end after spending just 2 kinesiology sessions with Elaine.  She has trained my immune system to recognise that pollen isn’t going to kill me, but that it’s actually alright.

I’d never heard of Kinesiology before and was a little doubtful, I am now however a complete convert.

Thank you Elaine for allowing me to breathe again.”
Ryan Sim-Savage, Greenheat UK Ltd

“I love coming here.  I always look forward to it.  It feels like my treat.”
Maria Amos

“My wife, Laura, and I went to see Elaine for a natural solution and counselling as we both want to be slimmer, each for our own reasons.

After the meeting I was very motivated and really looking forward to putting into practice what Elaine had suggested.  I had a completely different attitude towards the way I thought about food and life … just ten days and I am feeling the benefits.

After my wife came out of her session the first thing she said was ‘Elaine is so sweet … what a lovely lady, I felt comfortable straight away and my nerves went and what she told me was very interesting.”  Just ten days and my wife is much happier and can fit into clothes the next size down.

Thanks very much Elaine, I am looking forward to giving other people your card so you can make them feel good about themselves also.”
Jason, Hastings

“I was faced with a financial challenge that I could not see round, through or passed. I was almost totally debilitated by it and this was causing my situation to deteriorate drastically on a daily basis. I was stuck and being dragged under.

I went to see Elaine and through talking, EFT and kinesiology, I could visualise and feel a way through after just one session. I developed and believed in a plan and after one more session activated my plan and am unstuck.

Elaine’s gentle empathy enabled to open up and then her techniques
really helped me make a shift.

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to become unstuck
and move forward into brilliance”.
Alison, Hastings

“I would just like to say a massive thank you for providing Forever Bee Pollen.  I have not had any symptoms of hay fever since a few days after I began the course.

I had terrible symptoms previously and have not had any for the past month!

A total success!”
Vikki Bradshaw
Home & Dry Laundry Services

“I can’t thank you enough for our session on Thurs morning. As ever, you were so warm but still totally professional. I knew that I might be a little concerned about giving up smoking, but you made that ok too. I am still in slight shock that several days on, the only times I have even thought about smoking has been to marvel at the fact I have absolutely NO DESIRE TO SMOKE at all.

I am really looking forward to my partner seeing you next week, I know you will be able to help him too. He is thrilled with my success and is looking forward to trying the clearly Excellent Elaine Effect.  Thank you again, Wonder Woman.”
Judith Colman, Bexhill-on-Sea

Kia, aged 4, suffered with eczema on her tummy.

She was irritable and distressed.

Now she is a happy little girl with lovely clear skin.



“You are so tuned in to people who have weight problems, even though you don’t have a weight problem yourself.”
Su Berry

“Following some advice you gave me and some aloe vera gelly to try on an injured finger, I am writing to express my thanks. As you well know I had an unfortunate incident with my finger and a rather sharp screwdriver, leaving the finger swollen and very sore!

The aloe vera gelly that you recommended not only restored and eased my suffering but also speeded up the recovery of the said digit.

I would happily recommend you to friends, colleagues and associates in any matters of health as I have full confidence in you and the services provide.

Many thanks.”
Mark Finch
Ashe Alarms Ltd

“I have been to Elaine for various reasons ranging from travel sickness to help with confidence when networking. The improvements I have noticed are just fantastic. My career involves lots of travel, often very far, so feeling ill the whole journey, all the way through, until when I am back home again was pretty unpleasant two say the least. Recently, after a treatment with Elaine, I travelled to Leeds and back and  felt completely fine for the whole journey.

Running my own business, it is essential to network as much as possible and I used to be so nervous that I couldn’t even get out of the front door! After a couple of sessions with Elaine not only am I getting to the networking meetings, I am engaging with people confidently and even enjoying myself!

Last year I found out that I was wheat intolerant. My heart sank because I knew that wheat is in practically everything we eat. Being at home was fine because I was in control of my food but socialising was another matter. Not being able to eat practically anything and having to explain “I can’t eat wheat” became very tiresome and frustrating. Thanks to Elaine I can now eat wheat again. It feels like I’m free. It’s fantastic!

Going to see any therapist and admitting you have a problem is very difficult and a bit embarassing sometimes.  Elaine’s professional yet intuitive and empathic approach made me feel comfortable instantly. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and will be recommending her constantly!”
Wendy Turner

“A natural alternative to HRT:  During this summer I began experiencing hot flushes which I first attributed to the hot weather but I soon realised this was not the cause because they were occurring on cooler days too.

I consulted Elaine Copeland who gave me a Bach Flower Remedy to take consisting of Walnut and a Bush Flower Essence – ‘Woman’.

After a week of taking the remedy each night the hot flushes occurred less often despite two weeks spent in Southern France in temperatures of more than 30 degrees.

Now, two months on, the hot flushes have completely abated.
I feel human again and most grateful to Elaine.”
Nicola Thompson

“You give people hope. It may not help me to move from this place but it may help me to stay in this place.”

“I have had appointments with Elaine for kinesiology and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering using this alternative health method.Bee Pollen – my father started to use bee pollen earlier this summer. Normally he has to restrict his activities outdoors due to suffering from extreme hay fever. Within a couple of weeks of taking bee pollen, his symptoms were drastically reduced and this has been his best summer yet out in the garden!

Since then other members of our family have taken bee pollen and have told me of similar results. I have no hesitation in recommending this product.”
Sandy Kempson

“Thank you Elaine, I am so grateful to you for what you have done for me. Thank God we have a miracle worker in Battle.”
Mrs Jean Jameson, Battle

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support
in the wellbeing of my son Matthew.

He has suffered from breathing problems for many years, following a visit to your clinic you diagnosed a wheat and dairy intolerance and treated him accordingly.
He has stuck to the diet you recommended really well and has significantly reduced the problems he was having.

So many thanks for your professional and friendly manner with him. I will have no hesitation in recommending you.”
Leslie Morris

“From the first session with Elaine I felt in a very safe environment and was able to explain the health problems I was experiencing without any feelings of tension or unease. I wasn’t sure what the treatment would be like but Elaine explained the process which I was very comfortable with. I feel Elaine has the quality of being able to engage with me whilst listening and I have absolute trust that what I tell her will remain confidential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine to any of my friends who would benefit from this type of therapy.”

“Thank you Elaine for the most amazing session on Thursday, you are a very gifted loving and joyous practitioner. I am still having so many insights. I wrote this down the morning after: As I heal the weight of my fears I experience the lightness of BEing here In Love.
Yours in gratitude,”

“…it has touched me deeply inside and is very inspiring.”

“I don’t know what the magic ingredient is but I’m turning down all sweet foods.”
Linda Noakes

“Not like other counsellors I have seen – a breath of fresh air.”

“Having heard your 60 second introduction at the Bexhill BNI I was quite sceptical as to the success rate that your treatment, counselling provides. However, I am by nature quite open-minded and willing to try new things, so I thought why not!  Well as you know I have had two sessions with you, in the first session you taught me how to maintain my energy whilst dealing with a very stressful working environment.
I put into practice the tips and suggestions you made and
I was totally surprised at how my energy levels quickly increased.

You also gave valuable information on how to focus on a positive outcome to a situation that I had been plagued with for over a year, I used the method and lo and behold within one week the situation moved towards a positive outcome.
I am not saying that your methods produce life changing effects immediately but they certainly put me on the right path.

On my second visit I gave you the challenge of curing my allergy to cats and dogs. Previously I could not be in a room with a cat or a dog with fine hair for too long as I would develop cold like symptoms. As you can appreciate this is a major problem with my work as I visit numerous clients in their home.

Well you set to work with your treatment, and I have to say that I have since sat through several interviews with cats and dogs in the room without suffering from the after effects.

You have also treated my little boy Matthew in regards to his allergies to wheat and dairy products and we are now seeing positive results from your work.

I would not hesitate to refer anyone to you in the future and have
given your details to several friends.”
Michael Baker
Managing Director, The Mortgage Ladder Ltd

“I came to you totally unsure of what to expect and certainly with a lot of scepticism. Despite being really desperate for your treatment to work, I have to admit I didn’t think it would.

Sure enough following your treatment there seemed to be no difference at all. I guess I was hoping for an immediate change, albeit you did inform me that it could take time and happen gradually or it may happen sometime in the future,  just like that.

As you were aware, on my second visit, I was delighted to tell you that my condition had improved, about four  weeks after our session and a week before my second appointment.

I’m pleased to inform you that now I’m in my 4th/5th week of being able to stay awake and am able do things in the evening instead of falling asleep in the chair, even before my children had gone to bed.

I would like to thank you for your help and would certainly recommend anyone
else who has problems that you may be able to help and like I was, are getting to a stage of desperation.”

“For more than 10 years I have had quite bad eczema over my eyelids. I had been given hydrocortisone cream by the doctor but was reluctant to use this due to side effects it caused. I then tried a homeopath but found I couldn’t ‘click’ with him.  I was then recommended to Elaine. It never fails to amaze me, how when you first meet certain people, you feel a certain energy and just know that something is going to happen.

It did.  After just two sessions spread over about three weeks, I noticed the eczema slowly starting to clear up. Using Kinesiology we looked at my diet and any intolerances I had and discovered that dairy was causing the problem. We then looked at alternatives such as Soya and how best to incorporate this in to my life. After another four weeks the eczema completely cleared.

Another unexpected treatment I received from Elaine was Bach Flower Remedy. This I found so helpful with stress’  in my life as it improved how I felt emotionally.

I wholly recommend Elaine as she is above all professional, but also caring and empathic.”
Phillip Waite

“I was spending so much time in the past or the future and you helped me to be more in the present.”

“I now regularly visit Elaine Copeland, a kinesiologist who practices in Battle. I have suffered from eczema on my hands and arms for several years. My GP confirmed the diagnosis. After a few sessions with Elaine the eczema cleared COMPLETELY for the first time in years. I was also using an Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis cream which Elaine confirmed I should continue using.

Elaine also advised on which supplements I should be taking as I am entering the menopause. When I next visited my GP about another matter, I checked with her and she agreed that all the supplements Elaine suggested were indeed appropriate.
I have also found Elaine’s treatment and advice helpful when dealing with an emotional trauma in my life. Her support has helped me deal with this in a positive way and find the best way ahead for me in terms of emotional health and well-being.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of kinesiology and I was certainly skeptical to begin with!”
Sabina L A Brown

“Feeling great, got you to thank for that. Lot’s of very positive things happening
and I have lots of energy.”

“My husband said ‘Have you taken your remedy?’ and I said ‘No why?’. He said ‘You need to go upstairs and take it now’. He noticed the difference within hours and that was the real test.

I didn’t tell anyone what I had done and about a fortnight after seeing you people asked me if I was ok because I was so calm. The difference in me was really noticeable.”
DP, Hastings

“There are many things in the world that I don’t understand – some I will have to learn about while others I can just accept. I need to know how to operate my mobile phone but as long as my car starts when I turn the key, I do not need to understand the finer workings of the internal combustion engine.

A visit to Elaine is one of the things in my ‘don’t need to understand’ list. You can take any problem, either physical or emotional, into the room and be assured that it will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and care. As a counsellor, Elaine not only listens to what you say but also how you say it. She is able to see around a problem and helps you to find ways of dealing with things which you may not have considered.

Elaine knows about a vast array of complementary therapies and, with your permission and understanding, will use these to help re-balance you. Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, Tibetan energy and a singing bowl are just some of the tools in Elaine’s repertoire.

To benefit from a treatment with Elaine, you just have to have an open mind and be sure in the knowledge that everything that happens in her room is entirely confidential. I don’t understand how most of the treatments work but I do know that I have always left feeling a whole lot better than I did when I went into Elaine’s room.”
Bridget Highwood

“I am a 60 year old female and I had been using a Kinesiologist since March 2003. For some unknown reason, possibly due to stress, I became very lethargic and disorientated. Whilst attending a BNI meeting I met another Kinesiologist, Elaine Copeland in Battle. I was very impressed with what she had to say and booked an appointment to see her.

After just two sessions, I was back to my normal, bubbly self. I have had other problems since and have continued seeing Elaine on a regular basis. I am extremely satisfied with the professional manner and the treatment I have received. I found the sessions have helped immensely and I have every confidence in the treatment. I have already recommended the services on numerous occasions. I feel it would be very worthwhile if more people took advantage of this excellent, under-rated and possibly
virtually unknown practice.”
Sandra Melvin APECS

“I would like to comment on the treatment I have received by Elaine Copeland. Her professionalism is of the highest quality and I have always felt cared for and listened to. My confidence in Elaine’s ability to treat me has never been anything other than high and she has consistently proved my confidence. I have had results from Kinesiology that I have not been able to experience with other complementary or alternative treatments. It truly is an amazing discipline and one I would highly recommend to anyone considering exploring a new area of healing. It is noninvasive, safe and fully supportive of the patient. It’s apparent ability to tackle any concern makes this a fully flexible and accessible choice for people wanting to improve their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.”
Katie Day

“I had been severely allergic to wheat and dairy for many years (it caused the skin on my legs to break out in sores) I’d been to many dermatologists and doctors who couldn’t work out what it was, let alone cure it – eventually through trial and error I narrowed it down to the wheat and dairy products and when I cut them out of my diet my skin improved! What a relief, but what a pain having to stick to a dairy and wheat free diet! I met Elaine Copeland (based in Battle, East Sussex) nearly three years ago at a business meeting and thought anything was worth a try. I can only really describe my experience as amazing. Within six weeks of my first treatment I was eating dairy and wheat again and my skin was clear! Many alternative therapists come across as ‘airy fairy’ however Elaine is very professional and what I would describe as clinical which lends itself to giving this ‘alternative therapy’ more credibility. I now visit Elaine roughly every month and since my first treatment she has relieved breathing problems (asthma, hay fever and dust allergy) and improved my general wellbeing, I don’t know how it works and she amazes me on regular occasions with things she picks up on. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to try Kinesiology – it’s a force to be reckoned with!”
Gemma Proctor

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you just how beneficial I have found a course of treatment using Kinesiology. I was treated for a number of complaints, allergic reaction with certain foods, after treatment I have been able to eat these foods that previously caused illness without any negative effect. I have also seen my headaches and migraines stop completely. Any support that the NHS can give to this alternative therapy where the body is assisted to make its own repair naturally without drugs must be a step in the right direction.”
A Ward, Eastbourne East Sussex

“I have recently started seeing Elaine Copeland, a kinesiologist based in Battle, East Sussex. I was quite anxious and sceptical about the treatment at the start but Elaine listened to me and explained all that she was doing. I was put at my ease and felt absolutely confident that everything was confidential – Elaine was very professional. The treatment left me feeling relaxed and much calmer. In my opinion, the treatment is good value for money and I will be seeing Elaine again. I think that Kinesiology should be available on the NHS as this would make it accessible to many more people.”
Bridget Highwood

“In the past 20 months I have been to see a kinesiologist and have had near a dozen treatments in that time. Clearly, I would not have returned unless I found my treatment beneficial. I have experienced subjective release of stress and physical and mental change, on occasions very marked and rapid. The practitioner, Elaine, was therapeutically knowledgeable in various disciplines including her manifest counselling / psychotherapy training as a subtle adjunct. She was professional, caring and insightful I remain puzzled about subtle matters such as her muscle testing – but so often what she learned and communicated to me about lifestyle changes was valuable and seemingly spot on. I certainly will use Kinesiology again. There remains, I am aware, the issue for many of the verification of Kinesiology and I regret to say to those people, as a subject, I can offer few if any explanations to satisfy the sceptical mind, ( except to say that for me – and I am sure many others – it works) . I have now come to feel that, to my temperament, its mystery (which used to frustrate me) is almost a part of its attraction and magnetism. At all events, it is totally non – invasive and won’t harm you!”
Michael Ryan, East Sussex

Living in the Stone Age
A new thing I have added to my list of things to fear
When your kinesiologist mutters the words “oh dear”
Not a positive additive, nor a simple correction
My life would be made difficult by taking this direction
I can’t say I was really keen but resolved to try it
And thus I started four weeks on the lovely Stone Age Diet.
A long list of exclusions, many things quite dear to me
There’d be no beer, no chocolate, no coffee and no tea
All things ingested by me must be natural all the way
It would be easy for me to achieve my “five a day”
A banana for breakfast, a salad for my lunch.
Did I enjoy this diet? I must say not a whole bunch
When in the pub I’m target for my friends’ jolly abuse
We are all drinking pints but mine consists of orange juice
It made me rather grumpy, I can’t otherwise pretend
But I firmly stuck to it and I’ve made it to the end
Now those four weeks are over and now I’m in the clear
Time for a new nutritious snack, a healthy pint of beer.
Just because the diet’s over doesn’t end my salad days
For it’s left me feeling better in a lot of little ways
I know I would never manage keeping up the full extreme
But cutting down on processed foods does have a value as a meme
Though my Stone Age is quite over it seems very clear to me
It’s worthwhile having a diet that’s not all this Century.
Stephen Brown

“I first went to see Elaine because I had stopped smoking apart from one a day, which I just could not give up. Elaine asked me about the time of day that I smoked and whether it was constant or varied. I explained that when I got home in the evening I would have a cup of tea and a cigarette whilst I waited for my wife to come home. By using Kinesiology, Elaine was able to establish the sub-conscious benefit of this one cigarette and discuss it with me. After a simple treatment my need to smoke was replaced with a choice to do something different. I have not smoked since.”
Jim Weston, Hailsham

“I would like to say a big thank you to Elaine for curing me of my allergies. I suffered for years with huge, raised, itchy lumps, which would materialise all over my body. My face and tongue would also occasionally swell which was particularly worrying. The only relief I could get was to take antihistamines. Having this condition meant I couldn’t eat out with my family, as I was having to shop and eat from soya and egg free lists from supermarkets, which was extremely limiting. Since meeting Elaine my way of life has completely altered. Not only was Elaine able to specify the allergies she was also able to go one crucial step further and cure them. To be honest I was rather sceptical when I first went to see her, having never heard of Kinesiology before, but having met Elaine and witnessed the results I cannot recommend her highly enough. The results speak for themselves. I can now eat anything that I want, which means I no longer have to check food labels or my free from lists. Best of all, I can now stop and grab something to eat when I am out shopping and even go out to dinner with my family!”
Janice Wilson, Bexhill on-Sea

“…exam was awful, but fortunately everyone felt the same. Revision was fab, I was totally focused. I am sure the clock/rolling eye thingy exercise you gave me to do helped. I now have very mobile eyes.”
Daphne Tonna-Barthet

“I would like to thank you for the ‘defusion’ you gave me recently. I found the whole process fascinating and it has given me food for thought on public speaking. I felt very safe in your care.”
Charlotte Gaskell

“I just found myself, as I look out to the dark sky, stars and the sound of the plane overhead, thinking about my balance and what an amazing body we have!! I want you to know I think what you do is amazing underestimate what a huge impact it has on your clients’ lives.”
Adele Dickinson

“Do you have presentation anxiety? I certainly had it! I was dreading having to do our presentation in front of 60 people and so nervous that my mind would go into a complete blur when I thought about it. The Kinesiology sessions helped me prepare for and deal with the presentation – I even helped my co-worker through her nerves on the big day. There’s been a remarkable change in my attitude – I’ve even applied for a lecturing position at a local college!”

“Elaine has been consistently punctual, professional, smart and reliable in her manner. She shows concern, generosity and humour and I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine I feel her dedication, enthusiasm and gifts should be more widely available.”
Wendy Jones

“As you are aware, my low periods are usually the result of feeling that I have lost control or sight of what I am trying to achieve. This is particularly true where projects at work have not developed in the way they were planned. Our balancing sessions during these lows works for me on many levels: The fact that you are prepared to listen to the immediate problem on hand as a prelude to deciding the nature of the balance is effective in its own right. Your sympathetic questioning can often tease out elements of the situation, or my own feelings, that I have not seen or am choosing to suppress The part of the process immediate to the balance also has a beneficial effect. Often the other feelings I am carrying mean that I am not in tune with what is happening within my body, where I am holding stress, where energy might be blocked etc. Again your patient listening and gentle coaching and suggestions assist me in changing my level of awareness I do not understand how balancing works. I know it works for me. Again this seems to be on different levels. Not least of these is the simple feeling that I am doing something active and positive to address the way I feel. Naturally there is the physical benefit brought about by realignment and a definite feeling of change in the flow of energy. In conclusion, I would say that I have not left a balancing session with you, without feeling that some positive benefit has been achieved.”

“I am now so excited about all the fab possibilities that Italy will bring to me. The more of life that I experience for myself the more I will have to offer. Thanks so much for giving me so much time on Friday. I really appreciated the session and came away with a whole new outlook on things. You are amazing.”
Mel Horrod

“I thought you might like an update on how Chris has been doing over the last few months since he finished meeting with you. I am delighted to say he has gone from strength to strength. He now attends school on Monday and Wednesday mornings only – normal lessons. Tuesday morning and Thurday afternoons he attends ACE, the alternative centre for eduction where he has 1:1 tuition on English, Maths, Design and Technology and Anger Management and Friday’s he now attends a motor mechanics course at a proper garage in Brighton. All this has been arranged through the school and is in line with his GCSE courses which he starts in July when he goes up into Year 10. Not only that but everyday now he meets his friends from school and they either go down the beach or to the park and play football. He has a girlfriend who loves him to bits and is out with his mates every weekend. Even my dad has remarked on what a popular boy he is. There is always a crowd of kids at the school gates to see him off when he finishes school at lunch times. The work you did with him was definitely the turning point in his life. He was so sad and dejected back then, you wouldn’t recognise the happy, outgoing confident chap I now have. I am really pleased we found you, I just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for helping Chris.”
Sandra Clayson

“Just a very quick note to say thank you very much for the meeting on Monday. It was absolutely brilliant. I had my interview yesterday – I was very calm, did not get an upset stomach, did not giggle(!), was very confident, did not babble or say anything flippant, and did not forget my script! In fact, it was the best interview I have ever had. I won’t know until ‘early next week’ whether I’ve got job but at least I can say I gave it my best shot! Once again, thank you for your help.”
Gail Oswald

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • I saw Elaine about 4 years ago because I was suffering with depression and anxiety. I had seen various psychologists and had various treatments but it was not until I saw Elaine that I truly started to get better. She is magician. She has extraordinary healing powers and great wisdom. I credit her for fixing me. She did some kinesiology and taught me which foods to avoid, she treated me with Bach flower remedies and counselling. I’ll always sing her praises, `I’m so happy to have seen her. Thank you Elaine.

  • What a beautiful person both inside and out. A very special woman I have had the fortune to meet. Thank you so much for giving me my energy, enthusiasm , freedom and determination back. It’s a wonderful feeling!
    Thank you so very much xx

  • I visited Elaine at her Battle clinic out of curiosity more than anything else – being a somewhat sceptical kind of guy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, Elaine clearly has a specialist expertise that can unlock the subconscious belief system bringing a situation to the conscious mind, to equip individuals to tackle even the most difficult of circumstances. Her ‘balance’ remedies will provide you with the confidence to succeed.

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